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Short post of shortness (but not the shortest ever). 
6th-Jul-2010 05:11 pm
It's funny that this year I actually had plans that didn't involve my family for Independence Day. And that actually involved alcohol hahaha.

Rory and I went to Daniel's parents' house and it was much less awkward than we expected; the four of us - we two, Daniel, and Zee - basically sat on his lawn and amused ourselves for six hours via talking, drinking sake and Dr. Pepper, and lighting some ground fireworks. Stuff blowing up and being shiny! It was great. I will definitely be doing this next year (give or take some details).

As of late, I am still jobless and unemployment-less and living in Rachel's house. I ordered some new mirrored glass for my passenger side mirror, and whacked the casing back on, and touched up various scratches on my car with my little vial of emergency red car paint. It looks better than it did with naked mirror electrics. :P

Things are still very in limbo. I am basically living day-to-day, and it is kind of exciting... in a negative way. I hope things perk up soon.
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