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I have converted my sleeping schedule... Weird. 
24th-Oct-2010 12:16 am
I am a bit ridiculous. I update quite sporadically it seems, at least as of this year. I don't really know what I use this blog for, except somewhat as a record of myself and somewhat just because I like making it look pretty and having a place to put fanlistings. :p (Oh noes, there goes my secret...)

I have a job. It's at the RadioShack up in the mountains, at first in Blue Jay and now in Crestline permanently. It's pretty great, I've met a few friends working there, even from the Ace side of the shop. At first I lamented it because the shop itself is dirty and strange and Crestline is full of weirdos, but it's growing on me. Next Saturday we are allowed to wear our Halloween costumes to work. <3 I really love havinga job, though. Money allows me to move on with my life. Fancy that!

Since I started working it feels a bit like I don't have enough time for things... Mostly recreational things, I think. Like there are around five different TV shows I want to watch, but don't really have time to get to them. I did start House, though. It is, of course, brilliant and amazing, and I have no idea how it has stayed on the air for this long! Most of the shows I like don't last long. Or they are too smart for the general public... House and Mentalist, I'm looking at you. o.o


Interestingly (sort of) I have started a diet/paradigm shift in the last week. I guess it's called the 11-Day Diet? It involves eating four meals a day of deli meats, fresh fruits, nuts, and some vegetables, for eleven days. You can then take three days to eat whatever you like and start it over again. Supposedly my mom lost nine pounds when she did it the first eleven days. It's hard, and at the same time it's pretty easy. I will likely make it through at least one session. I really hope it works. ^^; It's weird how clean my system feels... Actually, I don't know that I feel that yet. My mind feels cleaner, in a way, though, hahahaha. (Not like that. :p)


My mom finally met Daniel, and agrees with me that he doesn't feel like a creeper. I have been hanging out with him quite a bit, and she says that he may have a crush on me, but she always seems to say that... I can't decide if the "boy who cried wolf" aspect makes it likelier to be true, or less. It doesn't matter though, because I enjoy his company and I'm not going to stop hanging out with him just because of that. Also, in a sideways-related note, I went to Knott's Scary Farm/Haunt for the first time on the 3rd, and it was awesome. We have plans to go on the 31st, and I am quite excited! He does know how to put together a damn fine party.

I look forward to the other news I'll have, like how Aurora's birthday is going to turn out, and the plans we have for Christmas... Ah! For some reason I was reminded that I began reading Lovecraft, courtesy of Daniel. Surprisingly (or possibly un), Lovecraft's verbosity is genius when he tells a story like he does. Win!

Also, I love my silly tags.
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