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21st-Jun-2010 01:10 am - ひさしぶり~It's been a while!~
LOL Cracky Japanified titles. But it certainly has been a while!

Sigh, not enough and yet too much has happened that I could speak of. For example, I moved - both out of my house in Lake Arrowhead (to my brother's in Blue Jay) and then after a day, to Rachel's house in Laguna. Here I sit awaiting a call that I've received a job. I submitted literally 15 applications around the Spectrum and Aliso Town Center areas, and hopefully someone will oblige me.

I am going to lose my license soon. I have two pending tickets against me and a police report on an accident I was in just today - I sideswiped some girl as I was pulling out of the island break out of the Terraces' entrance. Now my passenger-side mirror has no mirrored part, the side of my car is scratched and dented, and I need another new rim after just replacing it two weeks ago. (Though the tire may be fine. Dunno yet.) Sigh. I don't know how I've gotten this far in life. I really don't.

Good things happened, too, I suppose. As the Doctor said, "Life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant." So, I went to Berkeley! It was fantastic, as usual, except for the bit at the end when I was dangerously low on money. But I managed, and Laurel was pleased with my visit, which is the best I can say for anything ahaha. We started watching Doctor Who and got up to "The Christmas Invasion" before I left, and worked backwards sort of as Laurel and I, sans Hope, also watched Season 5 together, up to "The Vampires of Venice". She loves it now, so it's good. :D

It's really enjoyable to be down here where I can do fun things any time I like, instead of fermenting in boredom up in the mountains. I hope it will work out well. That would be nice. It'd be nice if I could just crawl into an awesome book and live there, too, but I doubt that will happen in the near future.
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25th-Apr-2010 03:32 am - Science fiction double feature
I randomly (well, almost random) saw an audience participation/theater version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight! At first I was worried, then when I got there I was standoffish because that’s how I am in crowds of people I’ve never met (it was before the show). I went dressed sort of weird-casual since I figured going in Rocky regalia as a newbie-- ahem, virgin, when I'm not super dedicated to the show would be kind of... poseur-ish. I actually went with my family friend Dutch, who to a stranger would look like he was my dad, which is weird, so in a way that was kind of awkward. But he's a really sweet guy and my friend and he wanted to go and wanted to take me, so we went.

The doors opened, and here's where the fun part started!

Before the show started proper there was some dancing on-stage and some MCing. During the dancing I watched from the audience a bit, where this guy up there had some pretty cool silly moves, a bit like Joe from the Horrors and the way he danced. The impression was further  made by his being ridiculously tall and skinny, dark haired, sort of broody-looking, with what may-or-may-not have been an interestingly shaped nose. And he was wearing a black tail coat and a white dress shirt unbuttoned down to his navel. Oh, yeah, it was devastating. I go up there to dance and proceed to be dorky and watch said guy. (I have no idea how subtle or obvious I was being. Likely obvious since I'm that kind of person. :P)

One of the MCs, who was also Brad, was also cute in a nerdy way but he was snarky too which made him more fun. After the rules but before the show, the virgins were summoned to the stage (there were many) and two guys and two girls were picked to compete. I was looking standoffish and crossing my arms, so guess who gets chosen. I compete against a girl for 'manliest walk' and since my competition walked stiffly and unnaturally like she had a pole up her ass, I won. Woo. So when the show actually starts, I'm the bride in the first scene and the guy who won was my husband, and I stand on stage and/or throw a bouquet and try to look excited, which likely failed. ^^; Then I can sit back down and all is well.

The movie/reenactment continues and it turns out the guy with awesome style is Riff Raff, hence the butler wear! Without the Riff Raff hair though, which is nice. I basically watch him the whole time. (And LOL Riff Raff happens to be my favorite Rocky Horror character. So not only do I get to watch this sexy guy on stage, I get to watch him do the Time Warp, be a butler, get whipped, be villainous, and wear alien-transvestite garb all in two hours. I'm a lucky girl.)

The best part of my night happened when Riff Raff and Magenta come out in alien wear/are revealed to be the villains (?). I'm sitting halfway back from the stage (it's a small theater) and they enter from behind my seat, so to watch them I have to turn around. So I do, a couple times more than I probably should. Likely I was being transparent again and somehow I get lucky because during "I'm Going Home" the guy comes up to me and asks me if I want to slow dance! I, being the eager bastard I am, say "Okay!" and do. I also proceed to dance poorly and make mediocre (yet exciting, for me) conversation. I discover that his name is Josh. He actually seems like a gentlemanly sort, as he was very polite and nice; I'm hoping I didn't come across weird in any of the numerous ways I have of doing so. The show ends, my story ends. But it goes on every Saturday so maybe I can go back, and maybe get to know him better. I damn well hope so! <3
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It would appear that since I know so many people now, my birthday no longer happens on one day but a string of days,and for some odd reason this year everyone I know decided to be awesome and exceptionally giving.

For instance, on Thurs I was called to the outside table at school for a meeting of friends (Chris, Daniel, and Zee) and they not only presented me with a giant dorky birthday cake of the kind 5 year olds are accustomed to getting, complete with giant honking Starfleet emblem made of cardboard, but they also each gave me a sort of collection of gifts. (I'm pretty sure most of the gifts were Daniel's idea, though, LOL.) I have never had friends who were so... giving? Considerate? Affectionate? I'm not sure how to describe it. Oh, well, that they care enough sums it up, I think! Like, I got around $75 worth in gift cards, a $65 Mass Effect hoodie, and the cutest cards! All festooned with printed out ST and Doctor Who in-jokes. They are so sweet! :3

And then, Saturday, I treated faeg_garav  and raggedhippie to fondue at the Melting Pot! It was very ver nice. :D In return, between the two of them they got me an Xbox 360! Yay! Well, they gave me $180, but it amounts to same. <3 Needless to say we also hung out for like three days straight which was a present in itself.

And finally, my mom, aunt, and brother celebrated with me on Mon. It was pretty low key, but we had a good time, except that my brother's girlfriend was ill and they had to leave to get her some medicine. But my mom is amazing and ridiculously cute, so I had a great birthday.

By the way, new Doctor Who episodes = friggin' WIN! :D
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I realized just now that M. John Harrison speaks to me in the same way that Blood Brothers do. Something about the juxtaposition of slang and science terms, of casual turns of phrase and exotic words, and the whole 'I have no idea what is going on here' way they have of telling stories (and apocalypses).

I'm trying to find M. John Harrison books that I could buy and failing, in that they are mostly out of print and come only in hardcover, special edition, former library book, or ridiculously beat up and old versions - I'm talking about original 1983 editions, or what have you. Or some combination of these. I would buy them, but they are so aesthetically unpleasing that my desperation needs to reach a cople of notches higher for me to give in. There does happen to be an awesome looking version of The Centauri Device floating around in places like Jersey (not the US state) or New Zealand which either don't ship to the US or cost almost $30 to ship.

Really though, I do not understand why his work is mostly unpublished in America. There is only Light, Nova Swing, and occasionally random copies of Viriconium. Nothing else, yet he is lauded author (at least in Britain) and worthy of notice.

...Ah. Upon reading his blog, (and especially these two posts) I realized what the answer to my question is: Because the publishers only want what will sell, especially in America. Perhaps an oversimplification, and yet... It still seems to be true.

As a side note, OMFG Holmes comes out tomorrow - so damn excited. X3 LOL Mood Whiplash.
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28th-Mar-2010 03:11 pm - Re:Hearse
LOL I finally got around to using the ringtone and wallpaper making site Mobile17.com to test the ringtone maker and make sure it would work for me. And it did, and now I am kind of addicted. I'm trying hard not to be, though, heh. ^^; But I changed my ringtone to "1960 Cadillac Hearse" and it shouldn't make me so happy but it does. ^^;;

Also, today was a cleaning day because I finally washed my car, inside and out! :D It's all shiny now, and when I'm done being at work I'm going to go take the frames off of my license plates, because they are ugly. I guess it's true that it's the little things in life that bring happiness (do they even say that?) since that's how my life is. ^^; My mom chastised me this morning for looking at clothes online and generally being on the computer a lot because, in her mind, I need a life. Sigh. I guess I kind of do. ^^;

I am having Mass Effect withdrawals again. And it's almost my birthday... Yay? ^^: I am excited though. Heh. 
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25th-Mar-2010 12:14 am - Hah! I winned!

Oh God that is one sweet motherfucking game. I desperately need an Xbox 360 so I can play ME2. I love how far games have come in art terms, with the ridiculously detailed graphics, and the detail also that BioWare gives its games and writes into the plots. The codeces in Dragon Age and Mass Effect make me so pleased! Uh, I'm totally distracted by the Assassin's Creed playthrough going on in front of me.

Basically, fuck yeah, I'm turning into a complete geek, even including video games and computers. Not including D&D and other card games, though, ROFL. ;)
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21st-Mar-2010 11:22 am - I swear I just get lazier by the day.
Since I lost my job at Forever 21 I've been so lazy and sedentary that I've gained 10 lbs. Okay, maybe only 5, but it feels like 10! I was trying on clothes to make an outfit that was suitably weird and J-rock for purikura pictures (Laurel and I were going to go) but half the time when I put something on it either didn't fit right, was very uncomfortable, or both! God, I was so disgusted with myself that all the clothes I own don't fit me anymore, I'm getting to be such a fatass. :C So I have found the determination I need to lose weight! Because otherwise I will just get more and more terrible-looking and whale-like. So yeah. All I need now is a completely different set of food preferences and the ability to resist buying sugary frou-frou tea and coffee drinks, and to drink water instead. And of course to get off my lazy ass and work out! 

Good luck with that. >.>

In other news, 1) I got my hair cut yesterday and it pleases me. 2) My laptop is made of shit and I really want a new one but I don't have $1050 plus shipping. 3) The shop is going well and we're steadily making money. 4) I want a 360! 5) I got my tax returns! :D ...But I have to pay off my debts. D:

Oh, and the best thing I did for St. Patty's happened on the 11th, when Daniel and Chris and faeg_garav and I saw Boondock Saints in theaters! It was freaking awesome and has rekindled my love for that movie. Also, my friends are adorable, badass, and ridiculous.
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22nd-Feb-2010 06:31 pm - Doodley? :D ...Doodley. T^T
I've been hanging with faeg_garav  and playing Mass Effect for like 3 weeks now, basically, and oh God this game is made of awesome! To be honest, I think I prefer Mass Effect 2 simply because its team is even more awesome (1 = Garrus and Tali FTW, 2 = Garrus and Tali and Mordin and Grunt and Samara and Legion FTW Yes! And even Miranda and Thane and Jacob are okay, as opposed to Kaidan and Liara. ^^;)

Of course, I'm a weenie and I make her play the parts with Husks and Thorian Creepers... Damn you, BioWare! Why must you put so many creepy space zombies in this game?! T3T But it's fun to play even so, I can't stop! I really want an Xbox 360, but I just don't play games unless I'm hanging out with people, so I can't decide if it's worth it. Plus, uh... Those space zombies would really impede my progress if I played it again ROFL. I just can't decide.

But did I mention how freaking adorable Tali and Garrus are? And Mordin, though I haven't played ME2 for myself! I really, really, really want to make Tali and Mordin plushies, but I am failing at finishing the Remus I'm making for raggedhippie , so I can't yet. Must... keep... sewing...!
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16th-Feb-2010 02:41 am - My ridiculosity knows no bounds!
I was in Vegas the last two days, helping my mom pick clothes for us to sell in our shop once it reopens. (It's reopening, did I mention that? XD; In an awesome location, smack dab in the middle of the tourist-y action of Arrowhead.) It ended up being a con! For wholesale clothes! It was weird, like going to Comic-Con and having to carry a giant bag and take pictures and have sore feet and $3 sodas, but much more boring and slow-paced. Wait, I make it sound bad -- it wasn't bad at all, it was nice and very interesting, it's just that I can't help pick the clothes as much because I am a relatively small, young woman with ridiculously individualist taste... Mostly the opposite (save the female part) of the customers we'll be catering to. I do manage to find some things though, so all is not lost. ^^;

God, we drove to Vegas to save a bit of money, and while the drive there was a breeze, the drive back was terrible! Almost 6 hours of driving, and I was sooo bored  even with my iPod. I thought up a backstory for a character in a story Laurel and I are working on, though, which is useful and exciting. But God, traffic sucks.

...Last night I had the most awesome dream. Thinking about it makes me grin so damn hard, squeeing on the inside. Also, I have no life so I dream about fictional things (or unattainable nonfiction things, like actors or musicians ^^;) It played as an episode of The Mentalist, with its cast and focus on Jane and him being super-intelligent and seeking Red John, but then it mixed in some Mind Screw elements and X-Files scifi-drama. o.o So, the team was trying to solve riddles in misplaced DVDs and cases, and then Jane ended up being an alien, but human-looking like Time Lords, and then he found a lead to where Red John was located physically, and ran off, and of course that's when I woke up. ^^; It sounds much less exciting in words than it felt in my head. Oh, there was angst! That was partly why it was so awesome. Finally I have a dream that makes me happy after I'm awake!

Final thought... My acid reflux is worse again. Burning throat that can't go away. Fuck! :C
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31st-Jan-2010 09:49 pm - A round of drinks for all!
Huh, I'm feeling pretty good tonight. Weird LOL.  I am soooo close to finishing Rory's Link plushie! All I have left is the sheath and sword, and the Hylian shield. This won't take that long to finish, but I need to actually get the felt for them, hahaha. And I have one of the resident kitties, Scarlett, leaning on me and relaxing, and I saw Simon Baker in a suit and glasses in his Aussie accent on the Grammys. XD;

Also, I don't feel so desperate when it comes to my future! As long as I get a degree, it seems that I'll be fine getting a job. And for the present, my hair is looking much better, and much less unstylish, and I seem to have good prospects for money, what with unemployment (not that that is something to be overly thrilled about... :S) and possibly plushie commissions, though I'm jumping the gun there.

Nevertheless, today seems to have me in high hopes. Hopefully it doesn't go away anytime soon. ^^;
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