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scarlet city » clever & decadent & athermantic & amber
It is unsurprising that my laptop is on the verge of death. 
14th-Dec-2010 11:34 pm
(Ah, it pleases me to write an entry with an LJ banner of shooting stars... How appropriate for my Gundam Wing watching!)

I noticed that I lapsed in posting again, which is a trend now... And yet my life is slightly more eventful than it used to be! Or so it seems now, though I have an established routine. To wit: Laurel and I have decided to cosplay as Rei and Mari from Evangelion, respectively, but in order for me to do that I have to lose at least 5 dress sizes. (I'm a size 12.) I want to look appropriately "sexy" as Mari; nothing is worse than a fat girl cosplaying as a hot chick and failing. o_o

So I asked my dad for an exercise bike for Christmas, and I got it! Since I asked early and he gave me money to order it, which is what he does, I went ahead and ordered it ASAP, and in two weeks it arrived. That was on Thursday. Since Friday I have been exercising twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for at least 45 minutes each time, and supposedly according to the scale in my bathroom I was at 141 when I started, and now I'm at 139, and even attributing one pound to water fluctuation that is still a good sign! I am so doing this until I reach my goal!!! Rawr!!

That's the good news. The bad news is, my laptop is dying, as the title does indicate. I had 4 blue screens of death in a 12 hour span today, and my battery won't charge so I'm constantly at 5% capacity. Not to mention the goddamn Google search redirect virus I caught downloading Touhou games, that just won't die! Working on that. I really want it to go away.

I am not even near the money I need for the laptop I am hoping to buy, and I hope that I can manage to limp my way there with the one I've got... But we'll see. :/
Faris "Who Can Say"
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