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A rant-post because everyone who is not me is...not me. :p 
13th-Jan-2011 12:21 am
(Yeah, it's been a while.)

I have to speak my mind and rant and things because I don't have anyone I can talk to about this. Well, except Laurel, but she isn't as far as I am and I don't want to spoil her.

A few days ago I started watching The Vampire Diaries. Before I watched it I thought that it would be sort of stupid: poorly written, a story that hopped on the Twilight bandwagon, sappy, more romance than anything... I was mostly wrong. It brings back the original intent of vampire romances and some bits that were standard about vampire and werewolf fiction. I like this. It even introduces some things that are pretty original, like vervain and the lack of effects of silver, which I also like. In fact, up until a few episodes ago, I really liked this show. But then it sort of...devolved (but only in a way that is particular to me).

TVD is a story about Elena Gilbert, a normal human high school girl, and two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. For the first half of season one, Stefan and Elena court each other while dealing with the drama of Stefan's vampirism and the fact that Damon arrives to make Stefan's life a living Hell. Elena is a pretty standard everygirl-type character, ex-cheerleader, kind, thoughtful, pacifistic, really quite boring, though she starts out going through hard times since she's just lost her parents in a car crash that she happened to survive. In this state of loss and uncertainty she meets Stefan, who is as enigmatic and brooding as he is kind and in love with her. They begin courting and shit happens because Stefan's brother Damon is the yin to Stefan's yang: murderous, sociopathic, snarky, and sexy. Enter the reason I watch this show (it's the same reason I watched Heroes but shh, that is better left forgotten.)

The short story is, I loved this show when it involved Damon - who by the way is played by none other than Ian Somerhalder, who was practically born to play an evil snarky smoking hot vampire - being antagonistic and immoral. His life consisted of hedonism; taking everything he wanted, including killing anyone he felt like and laughing about it. Also occasionally being tortured. But in the way of stories told by people who are not me or Laurel... This didn't last long. Oh, did I mention he's also the biggest badass ever? Seriously. That never changes. He is always being impulsive and violent even when he isn't psycho. So I should be grateful. But two-thirds into season one he starts falling in love with Elena, who is so damn boring, and it just drives me insane that such a good show is being ruined by this love triangle that really isn't one because Stefan and Elena work well and are in love and this really shouldn't change. Damon is awesome and putting him together with Elena is just so not going to work, nor does it seem like it will happen and stick, but the writers insist on teasing it and dramatizing it and making him do the fucking puppy-dog-eyes that just don't work for his character!

I forgot to mention something. I really like almost everyone in this show, and most of the couples work extra well and I even ship some of them. Stefan and Elena belong together. Caroline and Matt belong together and are utterly adorable. Alaric and Jenna are great. Jeremy and Vicki (before she died) worked well, and Jeremy and Anna (before she died) worked even better. The only couple I really do not get or support is Elena and Damon. Sure, I know why the writers are doing this. Normal people want to see the so-called "bad boy" soften up and find love. I get that. I just... hate it. I just want my psycho back. I miss him. He may still be the biggest badass on the show, but all these ooh-I-have-feelings moments just gag me. Why couldn't he just be evil all the time? I mean, if he were dead it might be better. Then I wouldn't have to groan and mentally throw things and yell at my screen because Elena is just not good enough for him.

But no. I get my moments of badassery, but they are few are far between when this season is pretty much running on the whole "I love you, Elena" shtick. Sigh. I would cross my fingers, but... I've been here. I know how it ends.
Faris "Who Can Say"
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