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scarlet city » clever & decadent & athermantic & amber
A proper, not-rant-y post. 
13th-Jan-2011 12:31 am
As far as my actual life goes, I am succeeding! I have been exercising, and while it feels like I've lapsed, at the same time I am actually getting somewhere with it! I noticed in my Dec 16 post that I was at 139, and as of today I am around 135! 90% of my pants fit, and some shirts I couldn't wear before I can wear now. It is so... gratifying that I can do this correctly. I am so proud! :D

I am picking up guitar again because I feel as though I can learn it, and I'm tired of not having any sort of skills. I want to be able to do this well... Hopefully I can do it. (I even trimmed my nails so damn short for it... Sacrifice, if you knew how long I let my nails get.)

Fingers crossed, for real this time.
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